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Earth Spirit Events

Earth Spirit Events, the home of East Anglia's Premier Pagan & Alternative Fayres

Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors

Please read the terms and conditions carefully as these are the terms you are agreeing to book the space on, if there is anything you are unclear about, please contact us before submitting the booking form.


  1. Booking forms must be returned with a signed declaration that you have read, understood, and agree to the Terms and Conditions herein.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR PITCH WILL NOT BE SECURELY BOOKED UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR COMPLETED BOOKING FORM, SIGNED AGREEMENT TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS, AND PAYMENT IN FULL.  Your space will be offered to another trader if the above is not adhered to. Please note that your payment is non-refundable and is due at the time of booking.

  2. Exhibitors must dress their own tables with an appropriate cloth that will fit the table to preferably reach the floor - front, and sides. Please ensure your stall is dressed and presented to a high standard.

  3.  Please ensure your rubbish is placed in the rubbish bins provided and that it does not build up during the day. Rubbish MUST be taken home with you at the end of the event.

  4. If you are wishing to sell, Shamanic Items, Candles, Jewellery, Crystals, Leather goods, or Wood items approvable MUST be obtained prior to filling in the booking form. No products or services other than those that have been declared to the Organiser/s (Earth Spirit Events) can be sold or offered, without the Organiser’s permission. We do not permit subletting of your space.

  5. Exhibitors can begin to set up at the venue 1.5 hours before the doors open unless advised otherwise. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the event opening and ensure your stand is ready 15 minutes prior to it being open to the public. If you arrive late, not giving yourself enough time to set up you may be requested to leave due to health and safety policies. If you require more time to set up, then please let us know so we can arrange it if possible.

  6.  Please make sure any boxes & packing materials are stored out of the way and out of sight. DO NOT place items at the side or front of your table. Please do not clear your stands until closing time. Please vacate the venue within 1 hour of the event finishing.

  7. All exhibitors must have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy as the venue managers and event Organisers (Earth Spirit Events) accept no responsibility for the liability of any damages you cause to the premises. All therapists and readers must be certified and should have a current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. Your PL insurance must be with you on the day of the event.  

  8. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities and to comply with such legislation. Whilst the Organiser has taken every precaution to ensure a safe and secure environment for the event it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods and services as required by law and should have a minimum of £1 million public liability insurance and a minimum of £1 million professional indemnity for any products or treatments given.

  9. All equipment the exhibitor plans to use must fit within the space that has been booked; signage must be behind the table. The Organiser reserves the right to request any undeclared equipment or signage to be removed. Please note only one stand-up banner can be displayed per 6ft or 4ft space and must be placed behind the table and not cause interference to other exhibitor stands or block other exhibitor stands. In the interest of health and safety if the banner is a trip hazard risk to others you will be asked to remove it.

  10. Stands will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the nature of the stall to create a diverse and balanced show. Whilst we take all requests into consideration our decision is final. Only the organiser can alter the floor plan on the day.

  11. If you have stated you are bringing your own tables on the booking form and then forget to do so, we cannot guarantee that we will have tables available for you to use on the day.

  12. The burning of Candles/ Incense/sage is prohibited.  

  13. Exhibitors and Readers must ensure that their charges are clearly displayed on their stand. An appropriate disclaimer must always be visible throughout the show. No readings are to be given to any persons under the age of 18 years old. Whilst the organiser does not state to readers /healers how much to charge for their service, please keep prices fair, inflated prices or undercutting fellow traders will not be tolerated.  

  14. Health and Safety Regulations of the venue must always be adhered to. Please do not obstruct any fire exits or gangways. Smoking or using E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers (PVs), and electronic nicotine delivery systems is not permitted in the venue.

  15. No posters, promotional material, or products can be attached to the walls of the building by any means – including drawing pins, sticky tape, blue tack, nails, or similar. Any damage charged by the venue management will be passed on to the exhibitor, Earth Spirit Events will not be held liable.

  16. The Organiser and venue management will not accept any responsibility for claims made against any products, services, or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ stock or equipment.

  17. Electricity: The exhibitor must ensure that any electrical appliance connected to a plug socket has been PAT tested. The Organiser and venue reserve the right to request that any electrical equipment found not to be PAT tested, be switched off. Those requiring electricity must bring an extension lead. Please tape down the extension lead behind your stand and within the immediate area of the stand. Earth Spirit Events will not accept responsibility for accidents to the public or exhibitors for any cables not taped down or uncovered. The tape must not leave any marks on the flooring or furniture.

  18. If the event is cancelled, postponed, or has to be abandoned for the reason of war, national emergency, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, explosion, fire, storm, labor dispute, strike, lock-out, force majeure, the non-availability of either all or partially, of the Exhibition venue or any other cause, not within the control of the organisers, The organisers will be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses) costs or expenses whatsoever, which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor, as the result of the occurrence of any such events.

  19. Should there be any problems that arise either from customers or other exhibitors, please come and find us. We wish to have positive energy at all events show, and we like to encourage a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Please do not try to deal with it yourself, which can have the opposite result.

  20. Help in promoting the show: As you can appreciate a lot of time and expenditure is spent generating awareness/publicity by the Organiser via the press, leaflets, social media, and other distribution sources for each event.  It is in all our interests that the show is a success therefore we kindly ask that you help us by distributing leaflets sent to you about the show and we would also greatly appreciate it if you could put the event on your website, your Facebook page and other social media pages. In order for us to create your profile and promote your product or service we use pictures and information from your website or Facebook pages. By agreeing to these terms, you are allowing us to use the content of your website or Facebook page for such use.

Thank you for supporting our events, we wish you a very successful Day.

Blessings Dawn & team.

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